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#How To Convert Anime Discs to MKV files
# How To Convert Anime Discs to MKV files
## Converting raw BluRay directory to MKV
### Requires
* MakeMKV
* MKVToolNix
* BluRay directory of the anime.
### Steps
* Open MakeMKV and pick the `index.bdmv` file.
![Step 1](assets/makemkv_bluray_directory_step1.png)
* Once MakeMKV has opened the directory, choose the Title that matches (Usually the largest) then set output folder and click the Make MKV icon.
![Step 2](assets/makemkv_bluray_directory_step2.png)
* Open MKVToolNix and move the file that MakeMKV created into it.
![Step 3](assets/makemkv_bluray_directory_step3.png)
* Switch to `Output` tab and on `Splitting` change `Split Mode` to `Before Chapters` and put the chapter numbers where the episodes change as a comma separated list in `Chapter numbers` input. Example: `3,6,9`
![Step 4](assets/makemkv_bluray_directory_step4.png)
* Switch to `Input` tab and set output folder and then click `Start multiplexing`
![Step 5](assets/makemkv_bluray_directory_step5.png)
* Verify all the files exist and start at proper position. If this is the case, you have successfully converted the Bluray directory to MKV files. ✔